Letters to the Editor

Caseyville Township needs to know

The election in Caseyville Township is coming up, and the people in Caseyville Township need to know about the actions of three Township Trustees: Richard Donovan, James Lemansky and Don Chrismore.

These three trustees voted for the following expenditures over the last four years; Supervisor Bruce Canty and Trustee Dorothy Moody voted against them: the purchase of a new pickup truck for $25,000, for which there is little use; an electric sign at the entrance to the parking lot for a total cost of $34,000; new office furniture, a huge conference table and plush chairs used only once a week for $9,000; the resurfacing of the parking lot by an out-of-state company (That cost went from $129,000 to $180,000 because the work was not done properly.); a top-of-the-line security system for $25,000 (a $10,000 system would have been adequate).

Should this spending keep up, you will have your taxes increased. This out of control spending has got to stop, and you, the people of this Township, are the only ones who can stop it. Do not vote for Donovan or Lemansky in the Township election this April.

Claude T. Cable, Fairview Heights