Letters to the Editor

Let’s see what can be made of America

The BND’s Feb. 12 guest editorial by Cynthia Allen of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was demeaning to our president. Allen said that Donald Trump is exactly the president modern America deserves, calling him a “thrice-married, foul-mouthed, anti-intellectual bully who delights in mocking his opposition, shutting down his critics and showing a penchant for gross exaggeration and locker-room talk.”

So he was married three times. At least he was married. Franklin Roosevelt was found dead in bed with his mistress. Dwight Eisenhower was known to be unfaithful on many occasions. John Kennedy had affairs including with Marilyn Monroe. Bill Clinton actually had sexual escapades in the Oval Office. So I ask what is so wrong about being married three times?

As to Trump’s foul mouth, that was a tape dug up to hurt him in the campaign. Did I like what he said? No. Do I think many men talk like that, especially when it is just all men? Absolutely. And to his being anti-intellectual, I doubt that is true. He built an empire, and you don’t do that without some intellect. Allen said some other things, but she could have kept her thoughts to herself. She went on to quote others who are foul-mouthed to make her point. Since when is it okay to say something about bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior?

I’m tired of all the griping that anti-Trump people are doing because they lost the election. Let’s get together and see what can be made of this country. If we don’t like it, there’s another election in four years.

Jan Claus, Collinsville