Letters to the Editor

We’ll have to wait and see

In Collinsville the “see something, say something” phrase not only applies to the police department, but could also apply to businesses required to obtain permits from the Department of Community Development. After going up Main Street from 157 there is quite a bit of traffic going up Westwood Drive that connects with Crestwood to Sycamore to St. Louis Road. I drive up the hill of Westwood several times a week. Last November, I was confronted with warning cones and tapes on the right lane forcing use of the oncoming traffic that had no warnings. A BND notice on Dec. 22 stated GMW Investing LLC had bought the property for $55,000, so a decision was made to do something. In part a FOI request was made for building permits with the response being that no records exist. Code states installation of driveways must be coordinated with the Street Department. A considerable amount of dirt was pulled around from the back for the driveway base and it appears a Major Grading Permit Application would have required a Street Department inspection. We will have to wait and see if saying something was of any value to the Collinsville taxpayers.

Bob DesPain, Collinsville