Letters to the Editor

I smell a stinking rat

I was fascinated by the BND article about the break-in at the Madison County Administration building. Being suspicious by nature, I have some questions that I would think the reporter of record should have asked.

1. What prompted the credit union employee to seal the file cabinet drawers with scotch tape prior to the supposed break-in? Had she/he noticed anything suspicious before this incident occurred?

2. Why didn’t the credit union employee go to their immediate supervisor, whom I would presume is the credit union manager to report the incident? Or, were they instructed by “someone” to take it to Debbie Ming Mendoza, the county clerk? Why not the county chairman? Doesn’t the credit union have a chain of command in place?

3. Is there a surveillance system inside the administration building? If not, why not? And, if there is a system, did it reveal the identity of the intruders?

4. What made State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons suspect that his office had been breached? Were there incriminating “clause marks” on the door? And, how does he know that it wasn’t the cleaning crew?

Then, notifying the public via the BND that he was “setting a trap” is reminiscent of O’Dumbo notifying our enemies of what he was going to do well in advance. And that no trespassing sign – brilliant! Yeah, that oughta fix it!

Methinks me smells a stinking rat here. Can you spell “False Flag,” boys and girls? Just sayin’.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland