Letters to the Editor

I think I see an iceberg ahead

Most sane Americans now realize that we are on the Titanic and Donald Trump is the captain.

Trump’s hurry to show how macho he is resulted in a dead Navy Seal, three injured and three wounded, along with the loss of a $70 million Osprey aircraft. The Seal team said it seemed like the enemy was waiting for them. Imagine that with these clowns in charge of our secrets.

Trump has made two attacks on the First Amendment with his attacks on the free press and the mixing of religion and politics.

His Muslim ban was an embarrassment to the free world and a gift to ISIS. They are celebrating this dumb move as a recruiting tool.

Now he’s removing protections from Dodd-Frank to give the banksters another opportunity to wreck our economy.

Warmongering with Iran is his first move to increase the price of oil for his secretary of state (Exxon/Mobile).

His choice of Betsy DeVos as education secretary is his attack on public education. Republicans want to privatize everything to guarantee them more political contributions.

Soon, gullible Trumpites will learn details about Trump’s unsavory connections with Russian mobsters, oligarchs, fraudsters and kleptocrats who are hiding stolen money in Trump properties.

Trump doesn’t read and gets his information from Fox Fake News, which is 60 percent BS. I think I see an iceberg ahead.

Gene Robke, Carlyle