Letters to the Editor

What Trump can do to help

There are a number of things President Donald Trump and Republicans can do immediately to help put more money into the Federal Treasury. First of all, they could impose a federal sales tax in all items sold over the Internet. Since Internet companies are selling products nationwide and worldwide, imposing a national sales tax is fair and would raise billions or maybe trillions of dollars for the Federal Treasury. Since brick and mortar stores like Walmart and Target are collecting state and local sales tax, their products are more expensive that Internet stores.

Secondly, Trump should go to NATO countries and tell them they must contribute more money to NATO expenses and to provide more troops and equipment for world emergencies. At present, the U.S. is providing 75 percent of the money, troops and equipment for military operations. The latest information I could find shows that American had over 4,700 troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq while our “allies” lost only 300. We do not need NATO; they need us.

Third, Trump should tell the United Nations that we no longer will provide 22 percent of the total cost of the expenses of the UN. With about 160 countries in the UN, it is time more of them, particularly China, Russia and EU countries, contribute their fair share. The UN has not proven to be much of a factor in solving world problems, leaving most of them to the U.S. Again, we do not need them; they need us.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville