Letters to the Editor

Dear Rep. Mike Bost ...

An open letter to Congressional Rep. Mike Bost:

I am the least likely person to speak for the refugees, or maybe I’m the best person. My life has been filled with new beginnings and the surprise of new friendships.

I have always believed that welcoming the stranger is a true act of kindness. It’s what my parents modeled. They had a belief that strangers brought a new perspective to life and offered the gifts of laughter and solace. Somehow this crept into my psyche and thrived there.

In my life and as my children were growing, strangers were always welcome in our home. They would stay for an hour, a day, or several years, which they did. Many blessings were showered on our home through these experiences.

My family and I were also blessed with the experience of living abroad. This gave us the unique experience of being a stranger in a strange land. The love and care that was shown us shaped my faith and life and built within us openness for the gifts of others.

Today, I’m called upon by God and my church to continue the theme of my life to welcome the stranger. The people that come into our lives whether across the city or across the world are our brothers in Christ, and yes, I do believe this.

They come bearing gifts that make not only our city, town and country whole, but our lives as well.

Margaret Andrasko, O’Fallon