Letters to the Editor

Get rid of warring Illinois fiefdoms

Local government in Illinois counties reminds me of medieval England and its feudal society of warring fiefdoms all scratching for limited resources. In those times there were many lords who constantly plotted against one another to gain any advantage. All the while the peasantry trudged along in complete powerlessness.

What eventually made England grow into a real power was the unification of the many fiefdoms under one ruler, while eliminating all the petty lords and their fawning courts.

This is what Illinois counties need. Eliminate all the tiny fiefdoms and unite under one county-wide government with all the power unified under a single county executive and a small county council. Within each county there should be one school system, one police department, one fire department, and one infrastructure department. Each should have a single executive officer and a very small administrative staff.

Large bodies of aldermen, councilmen and committee members should be eliminated.

But of course, none of this will ever happen. Too many small grasping politicians. Too few peasants who vote.

David J. Busse, Maryville