Letters to the Editor

You would simply be a puppet

In rebuttal to Claude Cable’s Feb. 26 letter:

First off, it’s obvious your words were placed in your mouth by Caseyville Township Supervisor Bruce Canty. You try to make the impression that you are active in township affairs although you have only attended two of 144 township meetings during the last four years.

Second, you accused me of making statements that prompted a lawsuit against the township when in fact, those statements were made by a trustee who was defeated in 2013. You, Mr. Cable, should get your facts straight instead of allowing Supervisor Canty to again put words in your mouth.

Thirdly, you accused me of having two union grievances against me for creating a hostile work environment. If I had union issues, Mr. Cable, I would not have been endorsed by the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council. They were not grievances, Claude; they were payroll expenditure disputes. It is the elected duty of trustees to audit and approve all township expenses, especially payroll. Overtime expenditures for payroll were questions, and it was revealed that Supervisor Canty approved overtime without board approval.

It appears, Mr. Cable, that you are easily misled and misguided, and would make a terrible board member, actually, the worst kind. You would not represent the residents of our township; you would simply be a board puppet. That’s why Supervisor Canty asked you to run on his ticket of candidates.

James Lemansky Sr., Caseyville Township Trustee