Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘yes’ for safety, kids, future

I have had rental properties in St. Clair County for 26 years. I would like to explain why I am in support of the initiative “Vote Yes for Safety, Vote Yes for Kids, Yes for our Future.” Our county jail remains overcrowded and lacks funding for expansion. This puts all working in the jail at risk, and numerous frivolous lawsuits have resulted from inmates. With the money generated from this initiative, mental health and additional services would be provided to new inmates. We have worked with law enforcement to clean up apartment complex communities. It is very frustrating to see the “bad guys” back out on the streets after they just have been incarcerated. This happens most Thursdays due to the overcrowding.

We would finally have enough probation officers to cover the required monitoring of parolees. I am also pleased to see that our schools and all police and fire departments and many other areas agencies such as the Child Advocacy Center will benefit from this. Funds will be distributed evenly to municipalities and unincorporated areas on a per capita basis. Our county has missed out on great opportunities to grow economically. This helps to position us for growth in the business sector and encourage more to call our county their home.

I will vote to support this on April 4.

Kevin Bouse, Bouse Properties LLC