Letters to the Editor

Teachers work hard, sacrifice a lot

A number of times I have read letters to the editor that complain about the pension that retired teachers receive. Often these letters are unsigned. As a proud retired teacher who is willing to sign her name this is what I wish to say regarding current and retired teachers.

Teachers are known to give up their lunch period to call parents or stay in their room to work. They often come in early to ready the room for a special activity, to attend meetings, or meet with parents. They may stay late to work on referrals for students needing special services. During the summer or after a busy day they may take a university class to improve skills at their own expense.

Students come to class with many issues; some are hungry, from a troubled home, and not all progress at the same rate. Teachers are responsible to help each one develop, learn and become the best person they can be.

If you wish to complain about someone, please direct your frustration to our elected representatives in Illinois who have not passed a budget for nearly two years. They have not done their jobs and are still getting paid. Direct your frustration to the director of MidAmerica Airport who has just received $18,477 bonus for operating an airport with only one or two airlines.

Teachers work hard and many after they retire still spend time in many of our public and private schools doing volunteer work.

Carol Daly, Belleville, proud retired teacher