Letters to the Editor

Well-considered alternatives are needed

I voted for Donald Trump. My vote was not so much for him, but he was not as bad as the other candidate. I believe this was the first time in the more than 10 presidential elections when I’ve cast a vote that I voted against rather than for a candidate.

For both sides, it is time to lose the hate. The right has control of the legislative and executive branches of government. In 2009-2010, the left had control of the executive and legislative branches. The left squandered their leadership by ignoring a significant part of the electorate. The left lost control, first of the House, then of the Senate, and finally of the presidency. The right must learn from that lesson and provide leadership for all the people of our nation and not just the half that voted for the GOP.

Reading some of the vindictive letters from the left saddens me. Many of these same writers previously labeled principled opposition to President Barack Obama as racism. Since racism doesn’t fit in this case and would be no truer now than it was during the Obama administration, I can only label their writings as “hate mail.”

President Trump’s style of leadership and some of the plans he has suggested are obviously open to question and can certainly be improved. Principled opposition to both his style and his proposals is appropriate and can provide a better country for all of us. Well-considered alternatives are needed and should be welcomed by all.

David L. Griffith, Belleville