Letters to the Editor

What on earth are they protesting?

White House documents show that former President Bill Clinton issued six immigrant bans; George W. Bush six immigrant bans; and former President Ronald Reagan four. And in 1980, former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians after Tehran seized the U.S. embassy.

Barack Obama, himself, signed executive orders for six immigration bans. They are:

▪ July 25, 2011: Barred those under a UN travel ban, or who broke 29 executive orders covering transactions with terrorists

▪ Aug. 4, 2012: Banned anybody involved in war crimes, or just about any other crime including human rights violations

▪ April 23, 2012: Barred those helping Syria or Iran, or involved in human rights abuses for those governments

▪ May 1, 2012: Another block on those helping Iran and Syria

▪ April 3, 2014: Banned anyone known to threaten South Sudan

▪ March 6, 2014: Barred entry of those claiming government authority in the Crimea region of Ukraine, presumably on behalf of Moscow

So what on earth are all these idiots protesting? It seems that they just hate Donald Trump and anything he does. If Trump walked on water, these morons would just say that he can’t swim. These people need to get a grip and move on.

Incarcerate Hillary in 2017.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville