Letters to the Editor

The English language revisited

As we continue to observe our newly-elected president and listen to his speeches/press conferences, the most striking aspect of his rhetoric is an inability to construct his thoughts into complete and comprehensible sentences. This has become increasingly frustrating to those of us who are struggling to understand his responses to pertinent questions and where he actually stands on issues of national importance.

In addition to this failure to clearly communicate (or perhaps it is by design) is his glaring lack of a vocabulary beyond an elementary school level. The noticeable overuse of words such as “disaster,” “trouble,” “horrible,” and “tremendous” (a few of his personal favorites) is rapidly becoming insulting to the intelligence of his listeners/readers. Should we not expect higher standards from the POTUS?

If either of the aforementioned criticisms is a product of incompetent speechwriters/advisors – these individuals should be replaced immediately. However, if they are related to his “charming personality,” then someone better equipped to communicate effectively needs to become his voice.

Finally, has it occurred to anyone else how embarrassed the leadership of President Trump’s alma mater must be? If he is an example of the graduates of that institution of higher learning, then they certainly need to raise their standards of excellence.

Mitch Boyce, Marine