Letters to the Editor

A few proposals

To offset failing budget shortfalls I propose the following:

The issuance of Church Attendance Identification Card. (CAID). Every citizen who wished to attend church, buy/keep religious articles capable of spreading religious beliefs keep this card on their person. The fee will be $150 every three years and subject to state police and mental exams.

Public Speaking Permission Identification Card (PSPI) must be obtained to speak in public or demonstrate in any place private or public. This card must be carried at all times, and can be purchased after passing state and mental exams, and pay $150 fee every three years. This includes the possession of all transmission devices, electronic or battery.

The Resident Defense Card (RDC) allows the resident of their home state the right to due process, a fair and speedy trial, and the right to counsel. The card may be obtained after a state police and mental exam, will cost $500 (yearly) and maybe used only with a licensed attorney with same credentials.

These cards are only valid in the state issued, and offer no reciprocity with any other state. Once you cross a state line the cards above are not valid. In addition, these cards are not valid in state or federal buildings, establishments that server alcohol, public transportation, public parks, courts, churches, and other CAID, PSPI, and RDC free zones as determined by your state and federal legislators. If lost or stolen these cards must be reported immediately to authorities.

Other restrictions forthcoming.

Joseph N. English, Belleville