Letters to the Editor

Keeping St. Patrick’s day profitable

Once again, the good bishops (including Bishop Edward Braxton) of the Roman Catholic Church have issued a ruling (not to be taken lightly, by the way) that Catholics can eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17, during Lent. It is a practice that is long since meaningless. It is not a sacrifice to most Catholics to abstain from eating meat.

How many bishops do you see preparing and serving meals in soup kitchens to the hungry, or for that matter helping at the St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinners?

“Braxton has issued the dispensation in the past mostly in an effort to ensure parishes holding St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser dinners don’t miss out on crowds who would normally attend.”

Braxton, thank you for keeping St. Patrick’s Day financially profitable for many Catholic Churches. It seems nothing to do with a dictate by many bishops who probably have never had to worry about having to provide or have a meal – either fish or meat.

One of my favorite stories is when we had a mission to call attention to the death penalty at the Tamm’s maximum security facility on Good Friday, we had a former priest join us, who walked the walk of a true Christian in the direst circumstances and when we all ordered fish for lunch, he had a chicken sandwich. So much for piety or being programmed by fear!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you all earn money needed to keep your parishes afloat in this trying time in the Belleville diocese.

Anne Harter, Belleville