Letters to the Editor

Paying more for a poor education

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville decided to hike tuition again with a 5 percent increase. Guess the $150,000-a-year tenured professors, teaching three classes a week, need a raise. In the past 35 years, the cost of education has risen faster than healthcare costs and inflation. Wonder why? Parents must enjoy getting the shaft, and liberals enjoy molding the mush in our kids’ heads.

Silicon Valley is alarmed because Donald Trump threatened to cut the number of H1B visas and green cards issued. They claim they can’t find enough qualified Americans to fill their employment needs, so they rely on educated foreigners to fill their talent pool. Companies say foreigners make better workers because they appreciate the employment opportunity, work harder and cheaper than Americans. On Friday afternoons at a company I worked for, I watched high paid American IT workers walking out the front door carrying their boxes of belongings. The next week, new green card employees would be sitting at their desks.

In the 2015 PISA 12K student testing, the U.S. ranking fell to 35th in math and 25th in science. Sadly, there is a correlation between the decline in U.S. STEM education and the rise of the overpaid liberal union teachers and professors. Teachers Unions protect bad educators and mask the less than stellar education our kids receive. America pays more money for education per student than any other country. So why is the quality of our education so poor? Will Silicon Valley ever hire American again?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon