Letters to the Editor

Democrats whine when they don’t get their way

It’s not the “Nuclear Option,” but the “Sen. Reid Option” — the option the Senate Democrats wanted to avoid debate. Petty partisan politics by the Democrats, and they protest President Donald Trump’s nominees even before they’re picked. These Senate Democrats whine like snot-nosed kids when they don’t get their way. The Democrats can’t understand or tolerate anyone with character, honesty, and integrity like Judge Neil Gorsuch, the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Democrats keep using the phrase, “this person is not in the mainstream,” which means, “the judge isn’t a Left Wing idiot, shouting the drivel of the Left.”

The Democrats are lost in a bog of herd mentality and mass hysteria! They are champions at using slander, false and angry charges.

In closing, perhaps you’re not aware that President Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights laws would not have passed without the help of the Republicans. You might want to Google “Dixiecrats.”

Chapo Jones, Swansea