Letters to the Editor

DeVos is the antithesis of Bridges

I am furious that you would publish a cartoon that seems to equate Betsy DeVos’ efforts to enter a school in the midst of a protest to the significant civil rights moment as Ruby Bridges tried to enter a formerly “white” school at the end of segregation. Bridges represented the strength of a little girl claiming her right to go to a public school despite the color of her skin. This moment was symbolic of a significant win in the fight to overturn the destructive practices of Jim Crow and racial segregation in the south. It lifted up African-Americans and helped America live up to its promise.

DeVos, entering a school through a crowd of protesters, was one woman representing only herself. She is a political appointee who has been embattled in controversy over her exclusive and damaging policies in regards to public schools. She was being protested because of her dangerous ideas and the harm she may do to our public schools and to America’s children. She is no civil rights warrior. She is a Christian warrior who wants to gut our public schools and ensure that kids — who can afford it — get a religious education.

Betsy DeVos is the antithesis of Ruby Bridges, and it does a disservice to Bridges and to the civil rights battle for racial equality to try to equate the two. Shame on you.

Mahina Nightsage, St. Louis