Letters to the Editor

When we lead, our leaders will follow

I just think it is long past time for armchair quarterbacks to criticize the politics of our nation as the only act of citizenship they feel capable of doing.

I am not a good example, but I did realize that letters to the president, Congress and senators work much better. No, they don’t personally read them, but they have a staff that keeps them posted on what the majority of opinions are that are coming in. One example happened just last week when a complete turn around was made on the most hotly, controversial issue.

Try to remember that when we lead, our leaders will follow. Otherwise, they will be influenced by the paid lobbyists who have a stranglehold on them because it costs too much to run for office. I think there should be private money in a campaign and that the candidates should each get the same amount from the current administration. (But this would require you to check the box on your income tax designating $1 for this. Most accountants advise you to save the money. That is really bad advice.)

In 2016, only 53.3 percent of us voted. If half were Republicans and half were Democrats (disregard the others) that means that 26.5 percent of registered voters control the government. Sound good? Nope. Citizenship requires more than paying taxes. It requires active participation and that includes voting.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville