Letters to the Editor

Are we being sabotaged?

I have to ask, are we being sabotaged? I carefully looked through your Feb. 12 edition of the BND, and not a word was mentioned that it was the anniversary of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln’s, birthday.

He was born in Kentucky but spent most of his adult life in Illinois where he practiced law and was elected president. It seems to me that Illinois would be proud to celebrate his birthday because his election as president was on an antislavery program provoking the secession of the South. He waged with vigor the ensuing Civil War (1861-1865) to preserve the Union. It was he who in 1863 issued the Emancipation Proclamation that actually abolished the legality of slavery in the states.

When I went to school every classroom had a picture of Lincoln on the wall. Every student knew who he was and what he did because he was a hero. In most states and especially in Illinois, his birthday was celebrated on Feb. 12 and not just lumped together with all the presidents on Presidents Day. Looking at most calendars, I note with interest that we celebrate other heroes individually instead of lumping them together on a so-called Heroes’ Day. I think heroes like Lincoln and George Washington deserve individual days too, lest our people and children forget what they did for us. If not, yes, we are being sabotaged; and then I have to ask why.

William G. Jokerst, Collinsville