Letters to the Editor

Reaction to action

I recall one favorite saying, from my seventh grade science teacher, that was pressed upon us daily: Each action has an equal and opposite reaction (Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion).

Though not meant for political science, perhaps the law does have an application to our electoral history.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected as a backlash to Watergate, which provided the Right Wing a push for Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan managed to appeal to a plurality of Americans across party lines and this resulted in a very small reaction with the election of George H.W. Bush.

However, H.W. proved to be partisan, and we see a reaction from the Left with the election of Bill Clinton, leading to the reaction of George W. Bush, leading to a stronger push for Barack Obama, which has led to the whiplash reaction of Donald Trump.

Left, Right, Left, Right.

Each cycle picking up steam, pushing a pendulum that has split the country in half.

Perhaps we should all start talking and seeking common ground again. I would pray we start soon, as it appears the presidency of Donald Trump will produce a tidal wave to the Left if my seventh grade science teacher was correct.

J.D. Kizziar, O’Fallon