Letters to the Editor

Having honors you don’t deserve

I found amusing reading on page 5C of the In Brief section of the Feb. 27 edition of the BND, concerning a good idea. It made me laugh.

An Arkansas Republican state lawmaker is pushing to remove the names of the state’s most famous Democrats – Bill and Hillary Clinton – from Little Rock’s airport. Senator Jason Rapert has introduced a bill, “to prevent any further embarrassment by the airport’s name.” And rightly so. No public institution or facility should be named to honor – or even recognize – anyone who disgraced an office and brought shame and embarrassment upon this country as did Bill Clinton. He was a draft-dodger, an adulterer, a liar, a pot smoker who should never have been elected and once in office should have been impeached and removed. He was a president we should never have had. Any woman who would stay married to such a man is equally despicable and undesirable. Our latest national election rightfully rejected her. And thank goodness for that!

Senator Rapert says that pilots have complained to him about flying into an airport that bears the Clintons’ names. That is easy to understand. The last time I drove into Arkansas I rendered the middle finger salute to a sign that identified Arkansas as home of President Bill Clinton.

Mark Twain once said, “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.”

This rationale very well applies to anything to honor or recognize the Clintons.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon