Letters to the Editor

Don’t fall into the same trap

Why are rioters destroying and attacking people who don’t support their cause? Who acts like that anyway? Not Americans.

The Communist Party — that’s who acts like that!

Riots and property destruction were tactics used by Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin to organize and incite the proletariat (working people) to join their class warfare revolution against the bourgeoisie (property owners) and the czar. Eventually the Communist revolutionaries assassinated the czar and his entire family and took complete control of all people and property in Russia. For supporting the revolution the proletariat got nothing — no jobs and no property (most of the bourgeoisie lost everything). The Communist Party owned all property.

You may think, “That’s crazy! Why would anyone do that?”

Google Karl Marx, Stalin and Lenin. You will see that they worked to establish chaos and to overthrow the Russian government, similar to what the protesters are doing in America today.

The Communist Party (George Soros and wealthy Left Wing financiers) has infiltrated the American Democratic Party. Their class warfare Communist strategy is to create problems for workers (the proletariat) by bringing illegal immigrants into this country to work for lower pay, with the goal of creating serious financial problems for workers and turning them against the government.

The American way is to work together for the benefit of all classes. The Communist (and American Democratic Party) way is class warfare resulting in the destruction of resources and fighting with each other to gain control.

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights