Letters to the Editor

Actions speak louder than words

Mr. Lemansky, you, sir, have a convenient memory. It was the remarks made by you that cost the township $60,000 in the cerebral palsy lawsuit. You still have not learned to keep your mouth shut in meetings. Shame on Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council for endorsing a group of men that have been bullying and intimidating the union members of Local 148 Operating Engineers since 2013.

Mr. Lemansky, do you remember the two letters from Local 148 regarding the hostile work environment that you, Don Chrismore and Rick Donovan were causing? You seconded the motion to put the Dec. 10, 2015, union letter on file. The second letter from Local 148 dated Dec. 20, 2016, that was all about your unacceptable behavior toward a union employee. There were two grievances filed; one of the grievances was trying to take away the job duties of a longtime employee. The other grievance was because the board hired a non-union part-time worker to do union work. That part-time worker just happens to be your cousin, John Wilson. You, Donovan and Chrismore have hired eight friends since 2013 without advertising the jobs.

The people of Caseyville Township need to look at your actions and not pay any attention to your words.

Claude Cable, Fairview Heights