Letters to the Editor

Is it leadership or bullying?

How can Alderman Phil Elmore take to social media to crucify human beings? I thought individuals ran for an aldermanic seat to represent their constituents, not cut them off at the knees and kick dirt on them.

Below is Elmore’s social media post:

March 8, 2017, (International Women’s Day) Elmore writes: “Anybody that votes for Lillian hates Belleville and progress. She knows Ajax and vacuum cleaning, that’s it. For Belleville sake I hope this is the last we hear from her lunacy.”

I work for a living, pay my bills and take pride in my city. Folks, Elmore had his water shut off for non-payment of his sewer bill, never registered his rental property with crime-free housing. Elmore is in cahoots with the city treasurer, Dean Hardt. Hardt covered it up and didn’t notify the city council of his indebtedness. Elmore should have lost his alderman seat on the city council due to indebtedness to the city. Hardt should have lost his seat as treasurer for not reporting.

Are these the leaders you want representing you? I ask that Elmore be removed from city council and sanctioned. I ask our state’s attorney, Brendan Kelly, to review his social media post and investigate if there are ethics violations regarding the interaction between Alderman Elmore and City Treasurer Hardt and file charges as needed.

Social media is a powerful tool. The current city administration needs to be admonished for using such a tool; one can face harsh consequences if not used properly.

Lillian Schneider, Belleville