Letters to the Editor

Broken beyond repair

After reviewing the candidate list for offices in East St. Louis, I wonder which one of these persons has a clue as to what they are stepping into. Corruption, mismanagement, pending bankruptcy and continuing downward spiral of the city as a whole, including loss of population. In 1960, 89,000 residents, in 2017, estimated less than 23,000. So it took us only 57 years to lose 66,000 residents at an average of 1,100 persons per year. Yet we have 23,000 registered voters and average about 3,000 to 4,000 ballots cast in each election; yet we pay over $400,000 annually to support an election board that was established in the 1940s with the boom in population. Why vote for any of these persons knowing they can’t fix what is broken because these are beyond repair? Old school buildings turning into eyesores, poor performing schools, crumbling infrastructure, mounting debt, pending corruption trials, subpar police and fire protection, lack of code enforcement and a $7 million and counting deficit for the city. Again I ask ‘why vote?’ Change will not happen no matter whom you vote for. Sick and tired of being sick and tired; where is the true leadership for this community?

Percy Harris, East St. Louis