Letters to the Editor

Trump lives in a world of extremes

As a clinical therapist one usually avoids the desire to diagnose from afar, especially public figures. As a true Independent, however, I refuse to acknowledge Donald Trump as anything more than “The Donald.” Narcissistic, and non-presidential as he, Trump of late has recently entered the Rod Serling Delusional Zone for outstandingly curious/divisive comments made on a daily basis, usually via the tweet.

So many personal comments branding the news in this country as faux, former President Barack Obama as having ordered an audio surveillance of the Trump Towers prior to the general election, or his general tendency to teeter at the truth whenever texting, Trump’s lack of capacity to look, act, or even sound presidential at most turns clutches at the fabric of our once proud, if not always functional, government. I’m not blind to the fact that Obama and company failed many times to keep Russian troops from roaming, and made several aggressive attempts to influence race related issues prematurely during his two-term presidency. However, Obama was presidential at nearly every turn.

Trump, on the other hand, lives in his world of extremes and personality disorder(s) quite comfortably, a world where hate, anger and retribution are commonplace. Although certainly not devoid of charisma and charm, Trump will never be able to truly lead this county of more than 300 million, not because of any longstanding political discord/division with either party. Trump will be unable to lead because all relevant leaders must have the capacity to truly care about those individuals whom they lead.

Steve Frazier, Belleville