Letters to the Editor

I personally observed it all

The other day I received some Caseyville campaign literature that surprised even me. Bruce Canty and his “People’s Choice Team” would have me believe a number of things which I know to be either totally false or half-truths.

First, he’d have me believe that he would reduce Caseyville tap-in fees. Canty was instrumental in raising the fee about 500 percent! He fought for over a year against the board of trustees trying to lower it. Second, he boasts about “an entirely debt-free sewer district,” yet he borrowed millions of dollars from the state of Illinois for the Weinel Hills sewer expansion project. Lastly, he boasts that he “reduced yearly pay of supervisor” when in fact it was the board of trustees that lowered the pay and he fought them on that too.

Canty is on record, from public board meetings, as stating to the board of trustees “I don’t care what you want! I’m in control!”

Further, Canty is on record, again from public meetings, refusing to implement legally enacted board actions. Under his leadership, the township jammed down the throats of residents the responsibility for repaying the Weinel Hills expansion debt by way of a massive increase to mandatory tap-in fees. On Canty’s watch, public records have disappeared, township property has disappeared, and all too often Canty himself disappears. I know this because I was there and personally observed all of it.

J.L. Hickman, Fairview Heights