Letters to the Editor

Think before you vote

Before you cast your vote on Election Day, remember you are already living in one of the highest taxed states. Over $216 billion in debt, with billions in unpaid bills. The state of Illinois isn’t fulfilling its funding obligations to education, police, or public services. Thank you, Michael Madigan! What’s the Democratic solution for incompetence? Stick it to the taxpayers again!

In St. Clair County, Mark Kern wants a one percent sales tax increase for the sheriff’s department raises. School districts want a one percent tax increase because after all the money spent on raises; no money is left for building maintenance. Instead of fixing roads, property taxes are raised so Mark Eckert and his TIF clowns can give more TIF money away to their Democratic business buddies. Good for Democratic donations.

Over 20 years ago, the taxpayers spent $313 million to build the white albatross, MidAmerica Airport. For the past twenty years, Kern has used MidAmerica as his personal slush fund, wasting over $10 million a year to keep it afloat. Kern told the BND that MidAmerica has turned the corner with four additional fights announced this month. Does that mean MidAmerica will only cost taxpayers $9.5 million this year?

Think before you vote, people! If Kern hadn’t wasted over $200 million in taxpayer money the past 20 years on a ridiculous pipedream, St. Clair County wouldn’t need tax increases. Taxpayers need smarter politicians, not tax increases!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon