Letters to the Editor

If you were interested, you’d attend meetings

In answer to Claude Cable’s letter to the editor dated printed March 4: If you had any interest whatsoever in township affairs or operation, you would attend meetings, which you do not.

As mentioned before to you, the purchase of a standard pickup truck for employee township business was to eliminate the potential risk of liability from employees using their personal vehicles for township business.

Again, the cost of LED signage was a little over $20,000. The new signage eliminated the purely political signage, and now the township can inform our residents of events and services. The residents have expressed great pleasure in having a sign with actual information on it as opposed to a sign with just elected official’s names on it. Sorry you don’t approve, Claude.

Again, as far as the meeting room chairs and table, it was necessary to upgrade after over 40 years of usage. If I recall, Supervisor Bruce Canty was the one who picked out the chairs and table. Perhaps we should have considered a folding table and lawn chairs to appease you.

Parking lot. If you would have attended meetings concerning the parking lot project you would have realized the deteriorated condition was much worse than first indicated by bore samples. The sub-base had completely deteriorated due to a complete lack of maintenance for over 10 years. Bids were only accepted from “qualified union companies,” a process I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

Richard Donovan, Caseyville township trustee, candidate for township supervisor