Letters to the Editor

Lemansky needs to step down, apologize

Jim Lemansky, Caseyville township trustee, owes taxpayers a $60,000 apology.

(These) reprehensible statements by Jim Lemansky that cost Caseyville Township $60,000 (were) taken from pages 12 and 13 of the cerebral palsy of SWIL lawsuit. Yes, they were terrible comments by Jim Lemansky, and he publicly denied it in this very newspaper of all places. What does that say about a man’s character?

The lawsuit states that defendant Lemansky asked, “Why are these people living here?” He asked if there wasn’t “someplace else such as a nursing home.” He stated he knows people who live in nursing homes and believed they were where they should be because “they look and pick at the air like something is there” and “they don’t know up from down.”

Defendant Lemansky also stated “they should not just let these people live anywhere.”

Lemansky was also named in union grievances for creating a hostile work environment for the office employees and hiring a part-time non-union employee who just happens to be his cousin, John Wilson. He is an ongoing liability to the township and I am very happy that the opposing party is stuck with him. There is no place for this level of human intolerance in public service. Step down, Jim!

Bruce Canty, Fairview Heights