Letters to the Editor

Some restrictions apply to 1 percent sales tax

You may have advertisements that make bold claims followed by an asterisk and fine print that states, “*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.”

Some supporters of the 1 percent sales tax stated, “It will lower your property taxes.”

Truth in advertising might demand supporters add, “*SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.”

Question: Are there some restrictions? Answer: Yes.

▪ Restriction No. 1 — A school board controls taxing. Has your school board promised to lower taxes? If not, what guarantee do you have? In addition, a school board may promise it won’t raise taxes but then change its mind. *SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

▪ Restriction No. 2 — Another school board may be elected in the future then vote to raise your school property tax for “unforeseen needs.” Remember the 1 percent sales tax can only go to build schools. *SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

▪ Restriction No. 3 — The 1 percent sales tax is a double-barreled bond issue. By state law, if the new sales tax fails to raise the necessary funds to pay for $300 million in new bonds (which will cost $500 million over the life of the loan), then the county must, by law, raise your property tax to make up the difference. *SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

Why didn’t 1 percent tax supporters tell you? *SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

Let voters beware. Sound like a gamble? If so, vote ‘no’ April 4!

Philip W. Chapman, Highland