Letters to the Editor

We will remember Bost’s behavior in 2018

For the last two months I have contacted Rep. Mike Bost’s office over eight times to voice my concern and opposition to a bill he has cosponsored (HR38). I’ve called his Washington D.C., and Belleville offices, sent postcards, and even visited his office, where I spoke with Dustin, a junior staff member, and gave him a hand-written note clearly stating my opposition. Dustin said he would have the congressman respond directly to my question.

I finally did receive a response: not one, but two identical emails containing a form letter that was clearly written as a response to supporters of his bill, as the letter begins, “You will be pleased to know that I am a cosponsor of this legislation.”

Congressman Bost, I know you are a cosponsor and I am not pleased – that is what I have been saying over the past two months! Why did I receive this response? If it was just a mistake, then considering the number of times I’ve attempted to communicate with his staff, this reveals a poorly run and uncoordinated office at best. At worst, it demonstrates our representative’s gross indifference to constituent concerns.

Bost obviously isn’t paying attention and doesn’t care what I have to say. Due to his aversion to meeting with his constituents face-to-face at a town hall, I do not believe he cares about hearing from those who disagree with him. He apparently prefers to put on blinders and pretend we don’t exist. I promise that we do, congressman, and we will remember in 2018.

Cindy McMullan, Columbia