Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound-off on tax hikes, health care, electioneering

Yes to cops, no to kids

I read with interest the story on March 10, 2017 about the proposed tax hikes. I too am retired but I do plan to vote in favor on the tax increase proposed by the sheriff’s department. It is no secret that the sheriff’s department is understaffed. It is no secret that the sheriff’s department has gotten very little support from the Kern administration, unless it is an election year for Kern. With today’s climate of violence and crime, we need all the police officers we can get. I salute the men and women who stand to protect and serve us. That being said, another increase for the schools is patently ridiculous. I have no intention of voting in favor of this. I think the schools seriously need to look at cuts and consolidation. They might also want to review salaries. It is insane how much some of these teachers and administrators make.

Take from airport, give to jail

The county needs to find the money for safety from within the existing budget. It was clearly not a priority. Mid-America was.

Schools need consolidation

The penny tax is a band aid and we need major surgery. Our education system must be modernized and school districts consolidated. Most schools have fiber optics and should be advocating distance learning opportunities. Why do we have all these teachers teaching the same thing? In the private sector, we address this with webinars. It’s time the state and school districts get on board or the leadership must change. The salaries, benefits, and retirement is out-of-line. We are driving the middle class out of Illinois.

Eliminate the patrol deputies

The St. Clair county sheriff’s department is complaining about broken cell doors, leaks and over-crowding issues, so they want to raise taxes to take care of it. I have a solution. The sheriff’s department is not mandated to have a patrol division. Eliminate the patrol division, expand the municipality coverage to take care of the areas outside of their cities and you won’t have to fund the patrol division. You could also take the funding from MidAmerica, but that won’t happen.

Good money after bad

I have absolutely no problem voting for a safety sales tax in St. Clair County. It is long overdue. However I will absolutely not vote for yet another tax increase from the schools. That is just throwing good money after bad.

Public safety slush fund

St. Clair County Board wants to hike your sales tax by 1 percent for a “public safety” slush fund. Kern and his board are the same people who can’t manage your money and waste $12 million a year on an airport that will never make a penny. If Kern turned the airport over to the federal government, St. Clair County residents would have another $12 million a year to spend on “public safety” and your grandkids won’t be paying for an empty airport.

Spend our money responsibly

Please stop the sob stories about what’s going to happen if the new tax increase doesn’t pass. If we don’t approve this, maybe they’ll learn to live within their budgets and spend our money responsibly.

Dallas delegates the job

Dallas Cook is totally incompetent and unqualified to be the mayor of Belleville. He rarely shows up to his current job as city clerk, has never run a business, is campaigning on taxpayer dollars during work hours, and is on record saying that he will delegate the responsibilities of the office he seeks. And what do we get? We get to pay a half-wit political wannabe 90 grand to run 10 fake Facebook pages on our dime. No thanks.

Signs off city property

Most of Dallas Cook’s election signs are on city property. That’s not legal.

St. Clair Township spending

There is a battle going on for the control of the St. Clair Township Board. Road Commissioner Kernan and his “Citizens for a Better Township” party versus the “Independents.” Every single independent running for the board must win for them to control the board. If even one independent loses, Skip Kernan and his Party takes control. Kernan’s Party is planning to hire more road and sewer employees and a township deputy sheriff. That will cost a fortune. If you want to keep township spending under control, vote for all of the independents.

Prindable should withdraw

Skip Kernan recruited Claire Prindable to run for St. Clair Township assessor on his ticket, “Citizens for a Better Township.” The job of the assessor is already being done by the county for $1 per year. Prindable’s four-year salary will be $18,000. That is $18,000 of wasted money. As a citizen for a better township, I call on Prindable to withdraw from running for township assessor and let the county continue doing the assessing.

O’Fallon High’s high salaries

As an O’Fallon taxpayer, I don’t take exception to O’Fallon School District 203’s superintendent being paid $210,000 annually, especially since her East St. Louis counterpart makes much more and doesn’t have as much to show for it. You have to wonder about the necessity for her doctorate-level assistant superintendent making $98,343 and executive assistant $57,634.

Regulate health care costs

If our congressmen are as smart as they think they are, why aren’t they consulting with experts in the health insurance industries? The medical industry is the only industry with no regulatory body. Hospitals and doctors raise the prices as they wish and we have to pay the price.

Straight doctor pay is OK

For 2017, I got a premium quote of $500 a month for my canceled insurance policy. Most of this money goes to the insurance company and not my doctor. I am healthy and take a $4 per month blood pressure medication. I found it cheaper to self pay for my doctor’s visit, which is less than $100. To the people who are afraid of the repeal of ObamaCare, remember your doctor will take cash, check or charge for care.

Collinsville lawsuit, political signs

Why are incumbent Collinsville council members Nancy Moss and Jeff Kypta placing their campaign signs on Osborn properties when Osborn is currently in a lawsuit with the City? Isn’t that in poor taste?

Why secret plans for Hofbrauhäus?

After reading today’s paper about the lawsuit and the Hofbräuhaus, I’d like someone from the city to explain what the big deal is about letting someone look at the plans for that project. Is there something that Mayor Eckert doesn’t want the public to know?

Duebbert mud is political

I just read the article about the judge that’s being looked at in regards to the murder suspect. I realize that he beat one of the democratic machine’s top vote collectors. But how deep is this witch hunt going to go? Did Mr. Richardson complain about the language Judge Duebbert used? This is strictly political. How many people did Judge Baricevic let skate who should have been registered sex offenders? If we want to mud-sling, maybe we should look at the people who stood before Judge Baricevic and got incredibly light sentences for what they were charged with. So if we’re going to worry about Duebbert using the n-word, then let’s worry about Baricevic too.

Fewer people, more crime?

I’d like the BND to ask the sheriff and police chiefs why, with our shrinking population, that we’re having an increase in crime. What changed to cause this?

Foreclosures hit school finances

What actions have school districts taken to behave fiscally responsibly in the last decade? Were the local school districts under the illusion that all of the foreclosures that were going on were never going to be reflected in their income from property taxes?

Eliminate the townships

I think that the St. Clair County townships need to be done away with. It’s another way that politicians get money out of the citizens.

Thank you, kind stranger

I was in Ruler Foods yesterday and someone in line paid my bill. I didn’t get a chance to thank that person. Thank you so much.

Peoples Poor Choice Party

It looks like Romanik couldn’t gain a foothold in the village of Caseyville so now he could be testing the waters in Caseyville Township by endorsing the Peoples (Poor) Choice Party. I guess Supervisor Canty couldn’t get any endorsements so he turned to the devil. I wonder what the devil will want in return? Just like always, Supervisor Canty puts himself first and the township residents at the bottom of his agenda.

Getting things done

It’s election time in Caseyville Township again and we have a opportunity to elect a new supervisor. I’m a senior citizen and I have seen many improvements at the township building over the past four years. It’s my understanding that township board member Rick Donovan spearheaded each and every one of them. It’s nice to see someone finally take the bull by the horns and get things done. My hat is off to you, Mr. Donovan. Good luck in your bid for township supervisor. You certainly have my vote.

Vote fraud in Stookey ignored

It is appalling that the Stookey Township electoral board (Dave Bone, Les Greene and Tom Kroupa) had documentation of voter fraud issues and refused to look at the evidence because the resident who brought it forward refused to show up to the hearing after his family was harassed. The Board is supposed to represent the voters and taxpayers, not the Board’s own interest. Just more St. Clair County cronyism.

Stookey’s tainted candidates

The April election is around the corner and you should do your homework on the candidates. In Stookey Township, two candidates have been arrested for DUI, one has had her professional license suspended for drug use, one is married to a township employee (nepotism, no not here) and another has cost the taxpayers dearly with multiple mistakes with the road fund. Buyer beware, more like voter beware.

Illinois needs electoral college

Some believe that the electoral vote should be eliminated and presidents should be elected by popular vote. Just look what popular vote does in Illinois. The southern part of the state has no say in elections. Cook County and surrounding counties (where more than half of Illinoisans live) control everything, and the rest of us have to live with it. Illinois should have an electoral system set up statewide so that our votes in the southern counties count for something.

Skyview’s deal with city?

What ever happened to the Skyview Drive-In and the agreement they reached with the City of Belleville for tearing down the theater building? Did they fulfill their agreement?

Leave us out of it

I am tired of reading letters from the same few people over and over in the Letters to the Editors. They keep writing the same political views repeatedly. Why don’t those few just email each other and leave us out of it?

Thanks for other views

Thanks for the editorials from other newspapers around the country. If all we had to read was the local bias and Glen McCoy... the rest goes without saying.