Letters to the Editor

A breath of fresh air

I would like to speak on behalf of a very special woman, Mrs. Helen Hawkins, who has gained the respect of residents in our area of Madison County and Nameoki Township for nearly 50 years. She takes a fearless stand on helping citizens when no one else will. She has an outstanding record in Madison County for doing the right thing.

I have come to know and respect her at a time when confidence in local leadership is marred with promises, outrage, insults and maliciousness especially during these politically frenzied days before the April 4 election.

Her steadfast, sometimes old-fashioned strategies, are a breath of fresh air in the tangle of government and the distancing of our political leaders from real common folks.

The story of Mrs. Hawkins’ struggle to explain and protect the American Bottoms and the citizens who live there, can only be described as a human interest story and it needs to get out there loud and clear.

To the disillusioned and complacent, I say it’s time for a revival of citizenship and activism in our local communities. How else can we expect our officials to maintain public trust and service when we are absent from the public meetings on which they serve?

Linda Knogl, Granite City