Letters to the Editor

Choose professionalism over cronyism

I just received a political flier from Jennifer Gain Meyer. Here’s what I learned.

Want a city job without starting at the bottom? Then I suggest you start out at Eckert’s flower shop. Many have landed nice gigs in city hall from that launching board. And if you get a little heat for being “beholden” then you can move on to a county job.

Establish yourself as a real crony and you can receive an extra $50,000 payout by assisting the campaign of a State Rep. Jay Hoffman. Once you’ve made that leap you can count on plenty of support for your own campaign.

Your campaign will be paid for with free money – donations received from other politically connected players. An investment in you may enrich them down the road. Elections should not be bought and paid for, but that’s how cronyism works.

Candidates running with established machines spend that free money with no strain on their pockets. And, if elected, they’ll spend all of your tax dollars too. It’s free money. But you and I know there is no such thing as “free money.” It all comes from someone, somewhere.

If you really want true representation and fiscal responsibility, look carefully at Independent candidates. Outspent 10-to-1, they know how to run on a shoestring, because they know that money is not free. An Independent chooses the harder road, to run outside a party, because they run on values, not puppet-strings.

I for one will choose professionalism over cronyism.

Dianne Rogge, Belleville