Letters to the Editor

Write in Moore for city treasurer

In 2013, Dean “Watchdog” Hardt said he was going to eliminate the office of city treasurer and implement new software. So far he has failed.

Fast-forward to 2017 ... here he comes again.

The mayor transferred $1.4 million out of TIF 3 into the general fund to pay administrative salaries. This did not go to council for approval. Where is Hardt? Why is he not overseeing checks and balances? Why is he allowing salaries to be paid out of TIF 3? TIF 3 should be used for our crumbling infrastructure. Hardt invested millions of dollars with IMET and failed miserably. Now he has the city in a lawsuit trying to get the money back. Hardt protects his fellow cronies when it comes to water shut-off notices. An alderman running for election should not have been allowed to submit petitions with a past-due sewer bills.

Change is needed! Ryan Moore is your write-in candidate for our next city treasurer. Moore is very qualified for this position. Moore was born and raised in Belleville, has a bachelors in business administration and an MBA, 13 years of banking and six years of management experience.

Remember to write in “Ryan Moore” for our next city treasurer.

Lillian Schneider, Belleville