Letters to the Editor

Don’t pay inmates to sleep on floor

After reading the March 14 paper, I see that it is my fault that the county jail is overcrowded because I do not pay enough taxes, and the taxes that I do pay are being used to pay off lawsuits to inmates who have to sleep on the floor. Are you kidding me, or words to that effect! Nothing was said about the waste and abuse of the taxes being paid right now. For one example, a not-for-profit airport that has been subsidized by taxes for every year of existence. Also, nothing was said about the “corporate welfare” tax breaks (TIFs, incentives, abatements, kickbacks, etc.) given to lots of companies, developers, individuals, etc., by the county and numerous cities in the county. So maybe we should discontinue “corporate welfare” and use this new tax revenue to expand the jail. Continuing to read the paper, I discovered that a local school superintendent thinks part of the school financial problem is disabled veterans not paying property taxes. Again, are you kidding me!? Nothing was said about the inflated administrative salaries of the two superintendents and seven principals in this district. I am sure there will be plenty of money when the county and the schools tighten their belts internally and “corporate welfare” is totally discontinued. However, there should never be enough money to pay some inmate a single penny for having to sleep on the jail floor!

Hal Inabinet, Belleville