Letters to the Editor

Herb cares for O’Fallon

Ever wonder why someone running for elected office always talks negatively about their opponent’s record? In Phil Goodwin’s case, it’s because he has no record of his own to run on. Unless you consider ...

Goodwin was in favor of selling or leasing O’Fallon’s water and sewer system two years ago and now calls it our greatest asset.

Goodwin gave inaccurate information to a candidate for city treasurer about the number of signatures required on his petitions, and accepted petitions from an aldermanic candidate that were incorrectly filled out. The result is that both candidates were thrown off the ballot.

Goodwin is responsible for ensuring that the council complies with the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Yet the Illinois Attorney General’s office recently concluded that the council was in violation of the OMA during an important council meeting dealing with the potential sale or lease of the water and sewer system.

If after 16 years as city clerk, Goodwin hasn’t figured out how to do that job, why should the citizens promote him to mayor?

In my opinion, a vote for Goodwin is really a vote for Mayor Gary Graham. Even though Graham is not officially running for re-election, he’s backing Goodwin with at least $6,300 in contributions. You don’t put that much skin in the game unless you plan to be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Of the candidates running for mayor of O’Fallon on the April 4 ballot, Herb Roach is the best qualified to lead our city for the next four years. Herb cares.

Mike Cook, O’Fallon