Letters to the Editor

We’ve been hoodwinked

In 2010 we were hoodwinked with legislation done in secret with one-party stealth. It was called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Then Majority Leader of the House, Representative and Commissar Nancy Pelosi announced that it was passed so that people could know what was in it. Passed without review or comment — never seeing the light of day, never open to amendment. It was legislation by fiat — USSR and Russian style. We learned later that the Supreme Court considered it a “tax act,” and one that began to fail as it soon as it was applied. It was increasingly less affordable and never protected one’s choice of a physician. And when for example, is a citizen sued for not doing something? Such is the case when elected officials are in bed with insurance companies and the health care industry, and when an executive office has a strong Marxist leaning. Now, we have an open review, comment and opportunity to improve a new health care law. No longer in camera, the Pelosi/Reid/Schumer lackeys are loudly complaining. I welcome that. The current administration’s proposals are refreshing, actually published — so much more open to democratic process. But will the party of deception ever allow it in its own ranks. Debbie Schultz Wasserman and Hilary Clinton would not.

Richard Wagner, Highland