Letters to the Editor

MidAmerica must have bar set low

I read recently in the BND that Tim Cantwell, the Director at MidAmerica Airport, received his bonus of $18,477 for meeting his performance goals last year. He apparently sent Mark Kern a letter requesting the bonus based on an agreement that started in 2004 and has been in effect each year since.

My questions are: (1) Who set up this agreement in 2004 and what is it? (2) Who specifies his performance goals and what are they? (3) How does the agreement of 2004 get amended? (4) Is the only answer, “Get rid of Mark Kern”?

We taxpayers are really tired of hearing how many millions of dollars are lost at MidAmerica each year, yet the director still meets his performance goals. These goals must be set incredibly low. His reported base salary of $126,692 has also been raised significantly in the 12 years that I’ve been retired here.

I’ve never personally used MidAmerica, but have several friends who have. I’ve listened to their stories of woe. In fact, there was a recent letter in the BND, complaining about three out of four flights having mechanical problems causing him delays. I would be concerned about flying Allegiant Air with that type of score.

Kay Zacharski, Shiloh