Letters to the Editor

Miller’s political alliances overshadow editorial integrity

O’Fallon Weekly Editor Nick Miller is on the St. Clair County Board. That may explain the bias in his reporting of the O’Fallon mayoral race and March 1 publication of a scathing story in The Weekly about Herb Roach and the local laborer’s union.

I thought it rather odd that a responsible journalist did not reach out to get a statement from Roach or the other individuals named in the story. So I contacted Roach. He said Miller told him the story was actually a press release from Phil Goodwin’s campaign. I can’t believe he printed it without checking the facts, the number one rule of good journalism.

This concerns me because Miller rubs elbows with John West on the county board. West is also chairman of the Friends of Phil Goodwin campaign committee. That committee has published a list of candidates including mayor, city clerk, treasurer, and aldermen/woman they are endorsing.

The Weekly is also one of the hosts for the Meet the Candidate Forum. How can the public be assured that Miller will be an unbiased moderator and, more importantly, will not have let any candidates get a “sneak peak” at any of the questions?

Miller’s political connections may explain his refusal to publish a letter to the editor, which I have submitted three times. The O’Fallon Progress and the BND had no problem with my letter, but since it might have painted Goodwin’s campaign in a negative light, it didn’t pass muster at The Weekly.

The mayoral race took an ugly turn when Miller chose to print the Goodwin campaign’s press release. I fear his political ambitions or alliances may have overshadowed his editorial integrity.

Ron Zelms, O’Fallon