Letters to the Editor

Open mouth, insert foot

Claude Cable, I could not help but read another one of your idiotic articles. You, sir, need to do a little fact checking prior to writing what someone else tells you to write. Stop being a patsy.

If you would take time to check court records prior to opening your big mouth, you would see that the statement causing the cerebral palsy lawsuit with Caseyville Township was made by Betty Burrelsman, past trustee. The insurance company settled without costing the township anything. Open mouth, insert foot, Claude. This is what you are best at. Trustee Jim Lemansky has more honesty and integrity in his little finger then you have in your whole body.

You insinuated this board is anti-union. Let me remind you that the members of this board running in the April 4 election have been endorsed by virtually every union labor and trades local in southern Illinois. How many of them have endorsed you and Supervisor Bruce Canty? Not one. And for good reason, officials witnessed the actions of Supervisor Canty and concluded HE caused the problems between the board and a union member. Get your facts straight, Cable. You are the kind of person that makes a terrible board trustee. You, sir, are easily misguided and very truth challenged.

You spew about 2013-2017 hired employees; the (full) board hired five people from applications on file. You don’t mention the five people Supervisor Canty hired from 2007-2013 that didn’t have an application on file. All friends of his! Fact check, Cable, before you open your big mouth.

Richard Donovan,

Caseyville Township Trustee,

Candidate For Township Supervisor