Letters to the Editor

Better at wasting your tax dollars

If you live in the city limits of Swansea or Belleville, St. Clair Township provides you zero services. Zero, Nada, Zip, Nothing.

But if you are in the township, you still pay township taxes. Skip Kernan has proven himself to be completely reckless with township taxes as the current highway commissioner. He continues to waste your money on unneeded road projects and by creating new, unnecessary jobs for his political cronies. You, the taxpayer, will be paying the salary and pension of these cronies for decades to come and you will receive absolutely nothing for it. Nada, Zip, Nothing.

Kernan is heading the sardonically named “Citizens for a Better Township.” The only thing they will be better at is wasting your tax money.

If you live in the city limits and vote for Kernan, or any of the cronies in his little “party,” you might as well ask the bank for soft money so you can use it to wipe your rear end. Protect your tax money and vote for the Independent candidates only.

Mark Kern, Swansea