Letters to the Editor

The obvious, more qualified candidate

In response to Alderman Roger Wigginton’s endorsement of Michelle Schaefer to represent Ward 5, I would like to inform Ward 5 taxpayers they have a more qualified candidate to represent them: Michael Hagberg. As a Belleville Township trustee, Mr. Hagberg has proven himself to be the more qualified candidate by voting to dissolve the Belleville Township.

Instead of a highly qualified, dedicated public watchdog for your taxes like Mr. Hagberg, Alderman Wigginton asks you to endorse a lesser-qualified candidate whose loyalty will be to the current administration instead of the interests of Ward 5 residents. Mrs. Schaefer has publicly endorsed both the 1 percent crime and self-serving 1 percent school sales tax proposals.

The same may be said for the other candidate in this race, Susan Whitehead. She does not possess the qualifications of Mr. Hagberg that are sorely needed for Ward 5 and the rest of Belleville.

The choice is very simple for Ward 5 voters. You can elect a candidate who will endorse the current administration’s agenda of higher taxes and see your tax bills increased year after year, or vote for a proven guardian of the taxpayers’ money. Michael Hagberg is obviously the more qualified candidate to represent Ward 5.

Larry Price, Belleville