Letters to the Editor

Say no to raising sales tax

This year has been the biggest battle I have witnessed between the schools and citizens of St. Clair County for the sales tax increase. The schools and police have fought ferociously. I’ve seen many sides presented; they formed a committee to plan their methods of wooing us; superintendents talk about how they are running out of money; students walk out of class for them, and administration is mingling with the student protestors with clipboards to catch every word of their suffering.

In 2015 St. Clair County paid $343 million in property taxes. Of this amount 62 percent went directly to the schools. My personal tax bill in 2015 was $5,400, and 71.4 percent of my bill went directly to the schools in District 90, District 203 and SWIC. Our tax bills will never go down. At least our sales tax is still within our control. We can say no to the lucrative schools that currently receive $210 million from our property taxes yearly. Why would the schools beg for the $22 million extra annually for 12 years? Because all the millions are not enough and will never be enough. All your money feeds the same old, fat cow aka schools. They know we will never allow another increase in our property taxes. But this need of theirs will never end. Every time you shop at our mall, you will pay dearly. Out of 1,540 zip codes in Illinois, Fairview Heights will become the second highest sales tax rate. Say no to raising sales taxes 2 cents.

Nikki Edwards, O’Fallon