Letters to the Editor

Donovan is by far the better choice

This letter is in rebuttal to accusations from Caseyville Township Supervisor Bruce Canty on March 18.

Mr. Canty, if you would simply tell “the whole story” I would not have to write this in my defense. In regards to the board hiring a part-time person to aid the maintenance person, yes, the board hired him after meeting with the union and upon the union accepting his part-time position. You, Mr. Canty, were at this meeting and agreed to it. You sir, were against this person from the start simply because you didn’t like him.

In regards to the cerebral palsy incident, I believe I have been cleared of any verbal confrontation more than once. It really made me angry to be accused of saying anything bad about these people. And furthermore, the final judgment on this case was based on statements made by your close family friend and past board member Betty Burrelsman.

Canty, you said you thought you picked a team player when I was appointed to the board. Well, the longer I sit on the board, the more I have seen you as you really are: All for yourself. Know this, I hope I don’t have to serve another day on the board after April 4 election with you as the Township Supervisor. Rick Donovan is by far the better choice for the position. He has caught you too many times in the wrong. I would be very proud to continue to serve the people of Caseyville Township with the open government candidates.

Please vote April 4.

Jim Lemansky Sr., Caseyville Township Trustee