Letters to the Editor

Vote Mr. TIF out

This letter is my opinion, and I want to cover several items. My first is with Mr. TIF. We had a chance last election to get him out and put a great person in office as our mayor, but due to crooked politics, it did not happen. That man was Joe Hayden, and if you people would have had the opportunity to meet him in person there is no way you would not agree with me. I worked with him in my neighborhood, and it was improved greatly. We left Mr. TIF in, and all he has done is spend the people’s tax money with severe disasters, such as the restaurant out at the Shrine grounds. So come this election, let us all get together and vote Mr. TIF out and put a good man like Dallas Cook in office.

My next complaint is all you whiny Democrats. Wake up and smell the roses. Look at Illinois, what a mess it is in, and who has been in office forever: the Democrats.

My next issue is Glenn McCoy. This is one of the finest young men you will meet in a lifetime and a wonderful cartoonist. It has always amazed me how all these people write and say what they think, but they are on him terribly. Do you people realize that he, like you, has freedom of speech? Now the time has come when we all need to start respecting one another and showing we care about one another, and a prayer a day helps.

Betty L. McCoy, Belleville