Letters to the Editor

Do yourselves a favor on April 4

In response to a letter to the editor on March 18: Supervisor Bruce Canty is full of lies. I never created a hostile work environment while working part-time for the Caseyville Township Building. Canty is doing the same thing he does almost every day at the township office — lie to the residents and create tension among the workers. He states that I was the reason for a union grievance, when the fact is, HE is the one who initiated the grievance by telling union workers that I was there to do their job. Canty knew this was not the truth and said it anyway.

IUOE 148 Union had no problem with me assisting a union worker part-time for safety purposes. It was agreed that I would not do any union-related work nor take away anyone’s duties from them. It was purely a safety measure, which the township board had the foresight to see in advance. It was a simple part-time position at 16-20 hours per week depending on the union employee workload, and the job was completed 30 days ahead of schedule.

Canty saw it as an opportunity to stir up trouble between the board and the employees, something he is best at, plain and simple!

On April 4, the residents of Caseyville Township need to do themselves a favor and get rid of this know nothing, do nothing supervisor.

John Wilson, Caseyville